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Re[2]: JVC service or questions

Mike Wakson Posted Oct 07, 2005, in response to:Richard

Add me to the JVC white lines across the top of the screen gang. A smart fellow who used to repair TV's guessed that the problem might be The filter capacitor on the 25-28 VDC supply to the vertical IC is failing. As it gets warmer, its value increases, resulting in the improvement you describe. Eventually the vertical deflection IC will fail in this situation, resulting in a single white line across the middle of the screen. He didn't think it would be too expensive to repair, but didn't guess at a dollar amount. Mike


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    Re[3]: JVC service or questions

     Tom Posted Sep 06, 2006

    Well, I have the same problem, a series of white lines across the top portion of the screen with a hint of Mirrored images behind those lines. What is so unusual, I have 3 TV's doing the same thing! There are 5 JVC AV-27230 TV's in a Sports Bar, the first two are ok, but the next 3, all have those white lines at the top of the screen. I swaped them around to see if a external cable problem, but the problem remains to those particular sets. labled in the rear of those sets, it indicates they were manufactured in November 2001. With Football season days away, these sets are sceduled for the Bone Yard, because have been running for 4 years, 7 days week, 17 hrs per day! Thats 25,000 hrs on each set. I think I'll pull an Ebanezer tomorrow, and bring one in for repair estimate before replacing all three of 'em. would like to Squeeze 1 more year out of 'em, before replacing them all with 37 " LCD Flat Screens.


    I found a site with repair tips. The tips cost $, the symptoms list is free. Natch. :) It's I checked our friend, the AV 27230. For all models of the 27230 listed, the white line problem was Symptom number two. I checked five other models (27260, 27850, etc.) and none of them listed the white lines problem. Pretty good evidence that the component causing the problem was often defective in the 27230, and that the feeling expressed here, that it _is_ a manufacturer's problem, is accurate. Mike



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