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Jared Bahr Posted Dec 06, 2005, in response to:Thomas D

I have acquired a screen and I'm not afraid of the nuts and bolts inside the camera or holding it together but I dont want to ground something out etc. Does anyone (Thomas) know how to completely discharge the Camera before doing the screen swap? I'd hate to fry something while doing this? Help a homie out.


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    As with any computer, static can fry the main board so take precautions, but you dont have to worry too much. The only real fun part is the flash capacitor, bridge those connections with your fingertip and you are in for a real treat!! ~ZAP!!~ I use a flash capacitor discharger, it proved hard to find and I ended up getting it for free from a supplier. I wouldnt worry about it too much if you take basic precautions against static electricity. Thomas

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