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Sony DSC-S40 Screen Problems

Carrie Posted Jul 01, 2006


I recieved a Sony DSC-S40 for christmas and have had no bother, until today. I switched it on taking photo's as usual then the screen went blank. It is now a white colour with no picture showing the camera is still taking picturs but not chowing on the screen. Any idea's as to what the problem is and how much it would cost to repair? Many thanks.


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    please send me the jpg if you have it, thanks in advance :)


    Hi, I have the same problem on both of the DSC-S40 we've purchased. Could someone send the pictures to me, too? I would really appreciate it! Thanks -- Stacey

    Comment 1, Last comment by Ron Nourie Apr 17, 2007

    Hi all, There was a resolution to the white screen problem a few pages back that although sounds quite assinine, actually worked quite well the first time. Simply flick the front side "cyber shot" logo on the front (firmly) and voila! - your screen will start working correctly. I had this problem and tried the tapping/flicking and had to laugh out loud when it worked. Have a good day all - good luck with screen problems.


    same white screen here too...fix pix please


    wow. alot of people are having this problem alongside me. can i get the pictures as well please? THANK YOU!


    Could someone please send me the images as well. I had the same problem happen to me yesterday. I took some pictures and turned my camera off. Later I went to take more pictures and my screen was bright white. Seems like this is a common problem with this camera.

    Comments 2, Last comment by David Prince Mar 11, 2007

    Same problem with lcd screen, please email solution to many thanks mathew


    Re: Sony DSC-S40 Screen Problems

     ray Posted Mar 04, 2007

    Hi I am having the white screen problem with my sony dsc-s40 also . Could you please send me the solution that you have sent for others. Thanks Ray


    Pressing on the right corner of the screen works great....can anyone help me fix it for good. Does anyone have the JPG image...could you email/ I called Sony but they are no help....they said this camera is not one of the camera's in the recall. I really think it should be. Thanks....Diana


    I have the same problem and i really need the camera working for tomorrow. can you please send me the file. Thanks


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