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Re: JVC service or questions

Rob Stevens Posted May 30, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

Hi Stacy, I have a JVC AV48WP30 and I'm having a convergence issue again. It has a slight bow in the left hand corner and I have no blue color on the TV, along with any typeset on the TV is doubled from the halfway point on up. I've had the TV for 5 years and the problem occurred 2 years ago as well and now its at it again. Fortunately it was under warranty the first time but as luck would have it my warranty just expired 4 weeks ago! OWWWWWWWCH! G.E. wanted a ridiculous amount of money to extend the warranty, that's why I declined. The reason for my email is I have many JVC products and I love them all, including my TV but I just don't want to chase the repairs if they are going to start mounting up. This particular repair is about 400.00 and I see this problem coming from many people online, so my question is does JVC possibly have any type of recall/repair special, anything they do for this particular model? The reason I ask is my JVC camcorder had a "Remove Lens Cap" that kept showing up when I took the cap off. Every place I went to wanted 200.00 plus. I went to this site and they told me about the repair being under a "no charge" deal. I sent it to JVC, it cost me about 10.00 in shipping and it';s worked great ever since. It definitely keeps me coming back as a customer that's for sure. Sorry for the long email but I wanted to give as much info as possible. Thanks for any help, Rob


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