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Re: JVC service or questions

Mike Nicholas Posted Jun 06, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

Hi - I have a JVC GR-DVL167EK camcorder. When the lens is poited tpwards bright light the shutter speed is affected so that the image flickers. Is this an easy and inexpensive problem to fix? Or what do you suggest? Thanks


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    Re[2]: JVC service or questions

     JB38 Posted Jun 06, 2007

    It depends entirely on what you are classing as "bright light", as all camcorders will try by various means to close the light levels down that reach the image sensor, this not only to improve picture quality but to safeguard the sensor. You could possibly be exposing the sensor to excessive levels of light and that can have all sorts of peculiar effects, also check what you have "exposure" set to in the menu.



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