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Re[2]: Error Codes Assistance

Richard M Chapelle ACS Posted Jun 09, 2007, in response to:Rob Perna

Hi, I just found the question you posted in 2004 about error code 20 on your betacam pvw 2800. Did you ever find out what the problem was? My machine has just rejected my bigger tapes and given me Error code 21 and error code 20. I'd appreciate if you have the answer. Cheers


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    Re[3]: Error Codes Assistance

     Don Posted Oct 09, 2007

    error 20 is usually caused by a defective flex cable in the cassette housing.


    More on the PVW-2800... Might I also suggest "Videomax". They repair betacam and sell parts. Videomax is the place I buy all my betacam parts. You can call Bill at 650-320-9800 and speak with him on the cost of repair of your unit.


    The error code for the PVW-2800 are as follows. ERROR-20 The cassette compartment up/down operation did not complete. The unit shut down to protect the tape. ERROR-21 The reel sizeing motor movement L to S OR S to L did not complete and the unit shut down to protect the tape.



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