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Re: JVC service or questions

Judy Posted Jun 11, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

My son gave me his JVC AV32FA44 TV but I am having a problem holding the picture on some channels... I do not have the manual yet it is coming. I do not have cable ... just normal TV --- I get channels 2,4,5, 52(NJN) after changing a setting from cable to air thru the menu ... it went to programming and these are the only channels I get thru the remote using the up/down - skips all the others.... what did I do? Secondly, before I did the above, any channel above 5 went to a bright blue screen after about 5 seconds, loosing the original picture ---- wouldn't hold the picture/show --- so I went to the menu to see if I could find something to change. I also noticed there is a lock picture on something --- I only have a universal remote too [[[ so I only have been using the front panel on the TV to try to adjust things I am very frustrated!!!! Can you refer me somewhere?


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