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Re: JVC service or questions

blanche phaneuf Posted Jun 11, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

I have my daughters television and have it hooked up to digital cable tv worked good for a few weeks now no sound only blue screen .what should i do i have pushed every button and nothin works .Is there a reset button as i have no manual.Thank you


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    If you have a digital cable box try this. instead of using the coaxial cable connected from the out port of the cable box to the in port of the Television connect RCA cables Yellow (VIDEO) RED AUDIO and WHITE AUDIO from the Yellow OUT RED OUT and WHITE out to the Video 1 IN on the Back of the Television Make Sure you connect them by the proper colors Video to Video (Right Audio is RED and Left Audio is white < IF you do not have two Audio inputs on the back of the TV then Just use the White RCA Cable to the Audio OUT and Audio IN this will get you Picture and Sound



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