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Re: Sony DSC-S40 white LCD screen problem

Cecilia Posted Jun 13, 2007, in response to:Bob Allen

Hey! I just called Sony and they said that they couldn't help me because the DSC-S40 wasn't on the list for defective/manufacturer's problems, and I mentioned that I see this problem all over when you google it on the net. But apparently not enough people have called in about it. To say, I'm not happy. I banged on the cybershot just like you said, except the white screen was back the next day. Has anyone been able to get their camera fixed and have sony pay for it even after warranty runs out? I have invested lots of $$$ into memory sticks and rechargeable batteries and don't want to buy another sony if this is how they are. Does this banging on the camera help only temporarily? Cause I have like 2 weddings to take pictures at and I'm not gonna be impressed if I have to continuously bang the camera. That's not really reliable. Anyone who has paid the $100 or so, have the problem again later after it's fixed? I'm going to go into the Sony Store and see if they can do anything, but I am not willing to pay to fix it, after having it for only a year. Cecilia email me with any info..... or solutions... I want to know if sony will cover it. Should I talk to someone at the sony store or go get it to one of sony's service places and make a big stink? lol...


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