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JVC portable Navigation Unit not responding

Patriack Posted Jun 14, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

Hi Stacy, not sure if you are the right person to ask, but I just thought that give it a try. I have a JVC portable HDD Navigation model number KV-PX9S, When I turn it on, it shows a blue screen with the words "ID:4100" on the lower right hand corner. The system seems to be frozen at the point, I tried to press the "reset" button....the system resets but then goes into that blue screen again. I tried switching off the battery, then switch it on again, but got to the same blue screen again. Can you help me to debug this problem or at least tell me what that ID:4100 error code mean. Thanks


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    I had the same ID:4100 error. Quite by accedent, I cleared error. I wanted to recharge the battery, so I pluged the power converter into my car lighter and left in on with the 4100 error for about 30 minutes. I pulled the power plug before shutting the GPS unit off with the on/off switch. I got a message that the unit was doing an auto power off. It then powered down in 10 seconds. When I turned it back on, it worked normally. I don't understand what happened, but this may work for you. Good luck Paul


    My unit just stops working. When I go through a short tunnel, stops working. If this unti would respond and not freeze, it would have been worth the purchase. So far JVC has not contacted me. I sent in the problems three weeks ago and nothing


    I'm having the exact same problem. What can be done to fix this?



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