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Re[2]: JVC service or questions

Doc Posted Jun 18, 2007, in response to:Donna

jack - 17th Mar 2007 23:06 DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISMANTLE OR USE ANY CLEANING SOLUTIONS INSIDE ANY JVC UNIT! If the device displays a Condensation error: 1. Open the tape compartment 2. Remove the tape 3. Keep the power ON (important) - if you do not the device "memory" will NOT clear itself 4. Wait approximately 5-10 min for the message to clear Read more below - the manufacturer is well aware of this condition and has designed these units to be "highly sensitive" to moisture build up. ============================================================================ If this device has been cooled down in a cold place and is then carried to a warm place, the moisture contained in the warm air may adhere to the head drum or tape guides and be cooled into water droplets. This phenomenon is referred to as condensation (dew). When this occurs, the head drum and tape guides are covered with droplets allowing the tape to be stuck to them, leading to tape damage. • Condensation occurs in the following cases: • When this device is suddenly moved from a cold place to a warm place. • When a room heater has just started or when this device is exposed directly to cold air from an air conditioner. • When this device is placed in a very humid place. • “CONDENSATION ON DRUM” is displayed on the LCD monitor and in the viewfinder when condensation occurs in this device. Keep the power on until the warning message disappears. If the power is turned off while the warning message is displayed, condensation may remain in the device even if the warning message is not displayed. Wait until this device is completely dry before using. • Pay attention to condensation even before the condensation indication appears. As condensation forms gradually, the condensation indication may not appear for the first 10-15 minutes after condensation has formed inside. In an extremely cold place, the condensation could freeze and turn into frost. In such a case, it takes an additional 2- 3 hours for the frost to first melt into condensation and then to be dissolved. • To prevent condensation When moving this device from one place to another where the temperatures are greatly deferent, first remove the videocassette, place this device in a tightly sealed vinyl bag, and then move it to a new environment. To ensure no condensation occurs, allow the temperature of this device in the bag to reach that of the new environment before using it. PS: Seems to be the same shit with each JVC Camcorder try to dry it first as described above , otherwise try the hard reset...


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