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Sony DSC-L1 Camera Part

Keven Staley Posted Jun 21, 2007, in response to:Alex

Alex, I am looking for the navagation button daughter board for the DSC-L1 Sony Cybershot camera. I have the part number off of the circuit board and I was wondering if you knew where I could find it and how much it costs. The number is as follows: 1-864-286-11 A generalized description: It is a "L" shaped board that has 3 tiny buttons at the bottom, a small battery on the right-hand side, a small 1/2" speaker on the top right of the board. Near the "elbow" of the board is the multi-directional navigation button. It has broken off the "tabs" and I can't get it to "stick" back on with solder. I feel that it is best to get a new board and forgo the headache of trying to repair it. Thank you in advance. -Keven


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