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Re[2]: JVC service or questions

JB38 Posted Jun 23, 2007, in response to:DONNETTE SWEATT

Without knowing what brand / model of camcorder(s) you are actually referring to it quite impossible to give precise details, however to put it broadly you should have had a CD ROM disc supplied with the camcorder and its essential to first of all load that into the PC, as without having done that it will be impossible to download anything using the PC's USB input. If the driver CD is not available, then the only other method that can be used is coupling the camcorder in to the PC's "firewire" input, (this also known as a IEEE1394 input) if however its done this way, your PC will require some form of video manipulation software installed which also has a "capture" facility, various types are available e.g: Nero being particularly good, but it can be any brand, whereas with the CD ROM it "has" to come from the camcorders manufacturer, but which in most cases is not obtainable as an "after" purchase. It should be added that the latter method, although good, is not without its problems, but its more a PC fault rather than anything concerning the camcorder.


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