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Re: Sony DSC MVC camera repairs

Irene Posted Jun 25, 2007, in response to:Alex

I have a Sony Cyber-shot 6.0 (DSC-W30), th shutter is stuck and doesn't go back in. The message Access comes on then tells me to turn camera on and off. I do, and it makes the noise of the shutter moving back and forth but it still doesn't go in. Any idea how much something like this problem will cost me?


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    We have the same problem with our DSC-S90. We tried using a can of compressed air to blow out anything that was maybe stuck between the lens pieces. That seemed to work once, but the lens is stuck again. We had seen the "Turn on and off" message intermittently over the past two years or so. I really like the camera and would like to get it repaired. Someone must be able to help us out!

    Comment 1, Last comment by RayZ Dec 22, 2007

    HI IHAVE THE SAME PROBLEM WITH MY CAMERA SONY DSC-S90 IF YOU HAVE REPLY ,please send me a solution by mail thank you

    Comment 1, Last comment by karen Aug 14, 2007


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