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Re: Sony DSC-S40 white LCD screen problem

Jill Posted Jun 26, 2007, in response to:Bob Allen

oh my god that really worked! i've been trying to figure it out for 3 hours now. thank you so much! this is great!


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    Hi Jill: Yes, it is somewhat amazing how simple and easy the 'Quick Fix' is for fixing the Sony DSC-S40 white/blank LCD Screen problem. Thanks for letting us know it worked for you as well. Bob ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quick Note: Several folks have requested the 'Quick Fix' be e-mailed to them as they apparently are pressed for time and can't go back to the beginning of this thread. Here it is again for those folks: 1. Hold camera firmly in left hand. 2. Smartly rap front of camera with knuckles of right hand on the "Cyber-shot" logo. The only e-mail address I will reply to related to the 'Quick Fix' is BobA5835@******@_@@*****__Yahoo*********__****__com******** simply remove the extra stuff and you should be able to see my e-mail address. Regards, Bob The Allens of Allentown, PA



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