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Re: JVC service or questions GR-SXM250US

Juan Santiago Posted Jun 27, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

I have a GR-SXM250U, About two years ago, we moved into our new house and I lost the A/C adapter to our camera during the move. I bought a new A/C adapter one on e-bay last week,I connected it to my camera and the charge light didn't come on at all, I tried charging the battery over night and still nothing. The charger works, when I checked it, I read 11 Volts DC on my multi-meter, Could the battery be dead or the problem? This camera was used for only three hours since new, it has never been dropped or abused. We kept the camera in a well padded case inside a box. With the adapter connected, no LED charge light or power light illuminates on the camera. Please help, thanks Juan, Charleston, SC


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