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Re[3]: JVC service or questions

Jacob Akers Posted Jul 06, 2007, in response to:SHERRY

Wow...It's been a while since I've talked about the HX-D7 unit. Funny you should mention your scenario, the same as what happened to mine. Since it happened, I have tinkered around with it, got it to work for about a week more, and then it went back to it's old ways and shut down due to a "protection" mode. I have completely scrapped the unit and it is in hundreds of pieces scattered about my shop, and in two days I am having a yardsale in which the two speakers will be for sale. :) I gave up on it and stuck to listening to music through the computer. I loved the unit; it put out great sound and actually had an appeasing look to it compared to most other units on the market. Sorry I couldn't be of much help to you. Good luck though, and if you do figure out the problem, please, let me know. Oh, one thing I do remember. If you take your unit apart, the top board, I think, has a blown capacitor. Well, mine did. I looked on forums, and most linked the protect mode to that capacitor. I swapped it out and that's when it worked for about another week, but it went back down, and the capacitor looked fine. So I don't know if it was a coincidence, or it had a direct link to the problem. My guess is that it did, however I can't say for sure whether or not it did.


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    well im going to try and change all the fuses in it first and then im gonna start taking it apart , its just weird it wasnt even on when it messed up ....i read other peoples message on here and they say that the unit get to hot and burns out those ic thingy thats attached to that steel plate but what would it mean if it wasn't even on ?????? anyways i will solve this problem ! I also agreed I enjoyed the small unit myself ...just a shame it only lasted 2 yrs!



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