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Sony CCD-TR87 error code C:32:00

Eliot Lewis Posted Jul 08, 2007

Additional info on error code C:32:00

I had a problem ejecting a tape from my Sony Handycam and now when I power it up I get this error message and it won't open the cassette tray to accept tapes. Any ideas what I can do to reset or correct this?


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    Used the method suggested - remove battery and power cord, let it sit a few minutes, battery back in and hit it on the bottom. Didn't work the first time, so we repeated. When hitting the eject button, I heard whirring, so (on advice of another poster) I applied steady and firm pressure on the door to help lift it up and then out. Tape came out and wasn't damaged. Camera working again!


    Taking the battery out and giving the bottom a good tap worked great for me. Thank you for the hint!


    I had similar problem.Try this Just remove the battery pack mount again & try to remove the casette


    take the battery out and slap the bottom of the camera. i read to hit it really hard but i just tapped it since it's a camera. and that's all it took to solve the C:32:00 error on our sony cam. once that was done the camera turned on normally and the tape ejected.


    I encountered the same error code on my Sony CCD-TR67 today and I could not eject the tape either. I did manage to remove my tape by removing the two screws that hold the cover on the tape holder. Then I removed the tape by carefully breaking the lower portion of the tape guard. After a little more persuasion, I was able to eject the tape. With the tape out, I closed the tape drawer and received the same error codes (C:32:00; C:31.30) when I tried to reopen the draw. I was able to open the drawer after some firm taps on the underside to the camera. The camera seems to work okay, but I’m sure the problem will return. I think it’s time for my camera to see the repair man or the yard sale.

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