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Re: Sony CCD-TR87 error code C:32:00

Craig Posted Jul 09, 2007, in response to:Eliot Lewis

I encountered the same error code on my Sony CCD-TR67 today and I could not eject the tape either. I did manage to remove my tape by removing the two screws that hold the cover on the tape holder. Then I removed the tape by carefully breaking the lower portion of the tape guard. After a little more persuasion, I was able to eject the tape. With the tape out, I closed the tape drawer and received the same error codes (C:32:00; C:31.30) when I tried to reopen the draw. I was able to open the drawer after some firm taps on the underside to the camera. The camera seems to work okay, but I’m sure the problem will return. I think it’s time for my camera to see the repair man or the yard sale.


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