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John Posted Jul 09, 2007, in response to:William

Was looking for service info on an AIR-8 when I ran across your message. Retired pilot bud handed me his and said the squelch was non-op, but all else OK. I just thought that it was cool to get to play with a dinosaur scanner while I poked around for some service info. He mentioned that he bought this one at a place called Sportys, and that they have a service shop, maybe they got a volume pot for you. Is ther any service info available for this model? Thanks


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    Re[2]: SONY AIR-8

     William Posted Jul 17, 2007

    Hi John and thanks for the reply. It is a dinosaur alright but I really like it's features, especially for a bedside radio. It has FM/AM plus the airband and one more. It's audio is quite good and I like being able to press a button and pick up whatever I have tuned in. Sorry, dont have any service info for it, just have the operating manual 'somewhere'! Cheers.

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