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Re: Sony DSC F707 error e::61:10

Jim Posted Jul 10, 2007, in response to:bekkah

This kills me! Same access error on my daughters camera- took the entire camera apart but couldn't find anything wrong. I put it back together and was about to give up when I found this site, just then my 12 year old daughter came down. I started smacking the camera around and it started to work. We were cracking up! Realized then from my previous dismantling job that the problem lies in the small plastic gearing that drives the lens. The initial fall that damages most of these cameras knocks the gears out of thier alignment position, the subsequent smack puts them back (hopefully) where they belong. If the smack down doesn't work take the camera apart and remove the two small screws that house the gearing (look for the small exposed white gear at the bottom of the camera next to the lens). Carefully manuever the gears back into position. This isn't for the weak at heart but even if it doesn't work you're no worse off then you were previously.


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