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Sony DSC F707 error e::61:10

bekkah Posted Mar 08, 2004

Sony DSC F707 error e::61:10

I have a Sony DSC F707 and when i picked it up the other day it was flashing e::61:10 and my zoom dosnt work if any one knows how to fix this or even what it means please let me know


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    Holy Crap! It worked for me too! WooHoo Hit the left side bottom into the palm of my hand quite hard, when it was off. Sony DSC-P30 Thanxs

    Comment 1, Last comment by bmth guy Nov 07, 2006

    E:61:10 - The Most Stupid Error I am from India. I have DSC T33. I had the same problem - E:61:10 I went to Sony Authorised Service Center. They told me that we have to replace part no-16. The estimated cost was 10200 Rs (~200$)! I decided not to repair it Then I saw this site and decided to give a try. In the beginning i smack slowly because i was worried. after trying 10-15 min it was still showing E:61:10 error Now i was engry Then i hit it really hard in the back (LCD side) and when i start it the error disappeared!! Now it works GREAT. Thanks to all for helping me... :)


    The smack method really works! My camera was a little stubborn, I just had to whack it on the floor for quite some time and then it started working again.


    Believe it or not, the whacking "solution" worked for me after a couple of rounds. After hitting the barrel a few times with no luck, the error message cleared after I hit the frame of the lens, face down, on my mouse pad.

    Comment 1, Last comment by ion Oct 21, 2006

    thank you thank you 2 smacks and it worked a treat.i cannot thank you enough


    Ok this is what you gotta do... my cam had that error for a week and i was looking for my warrenty but I didnt send in the product registration form so the warrenty was no good.. Turn your camera ON camera mode and hit it againt a table 3 TIME then turn it OFF and back ON again and PRESTO!! WORKING CAMERA>>> Im still Amazed


    I have a DSC-F717. Had the same problem with the E:61:10. Hitting the barrell twice with the power off worked perfectly!!

    Comment 1, Last comment by Shaihbaz Sep 18, 2006

    Great! Thank you for the advice. I let the camera drop on my carpet 3 or 3 times and the error has been fixed. What woul we do without the Internet?


    I can't believe it.The smacking method worked for me too.Thanks a million

    Comment 1, Last comment by randy Aug 29, 2006

    dsc t1 error e6110

     victor Kerlow Posted Aug 21, 2006

    i have the t1 and smacking it hasnt seemed to help. does the t1 even have a barrel? it would be awesome if anyone could tell me the "right" way to smack it, if there is one


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