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Re: JVC service or questions

ramon nobleza Posted Jul 14, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

i have a jvc gr-dvp3u with error code eo3. i have tried the remove battery and reattach but to no avail. the camera won't play just auto rewind the tape to the end. i can't fast forward or fast rewind the tape. with the tape cover close i can't go to camera mode auto or manual from off or play. i have to open/eject and move the lever for it to go into camera mode auto or manual. when i close the lid, the camera will zoom in and zoom out real slow and just that it shows what you are pointing the lens to but can not take video. it shows tc, pause and whatever special function you have on and wo't take picture. code right now is eo3 unit in safeguard mode. i have removed the battery for 24 hours still wo't work. can you give me a solution or sequence of buttons to press or hold to let this system work. i am adept at working with small items in electronics like computers and understand's it's workings . please help it's the wife's favorite camcorder.


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    Re[2]: JVC service or questions

     JB38 Posted Jul 15, 2007

    The plain answer is that E-O3 is a warning that the cassette take up spindle is not turning properly, or indeed not at all, and because the CPU senses this it shuts down the mechanism to avoid the possibility of a tape getting buckled up. The slip drive take up mechanism could be contaminated with tape dust depending on what brands of tape you have been using, because with "any" JVC camcorder its not advisable to use any tapes other than JVC - Panasonic or Fuji brands, TDK and Maxell known in service circles to be the source of mechanism faults of the type you are complaining about, with Sony not being far behind.



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