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Re[2]: JVC error codes assistance

Nikki Brooks Posted Jul 18, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

hi, weve recently bought a JVC camcorder in a UK airport before travelling, weve had it 3weeks now. we were watching playback footage that weve filmed on the tapes bought with it, for about 20minutes, the battery died and then we charged it with the DC charger which came with it. we went to it a few hours later tried to watch the rest, to get it to the correct spot for filming more, and it now displays... unit in safegaurd mode, please remove battery or DC adapter and replace, error code 06... weve tried this several times, weve left the battery out and tried hours later, tried the DC- the lot. unfortunately it still shows the same, and is chewing up tapes if one is left in when we switch it on. Were in South Africa near Durban for a few weeks and cant find anywere to assist us and would love to record our visit. please can you help us in anyway? yours hopefully Nikki Brooks UK


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