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Re: JVC error codes assistance

Stacy Sample Posted Jan 23, 2004, in response to:Paul

I am available to assist anyone who is experiencing any kind of error code or icon. Please contace me at with your concern and I will see if I can assist you in troubleshooting your problem. It may or may not actually be your camcorder. Please refer to this site when you e-mail me. I look forward to assisting you. :)


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    I tried the email and it didn't work. I have owned this JVC VCR for a few years and it has performed flawlessly. All of a sudden it is giving me intermittent audio and video output even with no tape in it! The heads are clean and it does this with all tapes. I tried it for hours off and on and just now I get this message CAN NOT PLAYBACK THIS TAPE (130). I don't get it. For the few brief moments when you can see the playback it looks and sounds perfect.
    Please help.


    i have a JVC kd-sh55 in dash cd player / receiver and Error 6 keeps coming up when loading a new cd. the motorized faceplate just opens and closes after that point. The cd will play but you will not be able to use the face plate as it opens and closes to control the unit at all (i.e. volume / track etc..) any ideas?


    please help me find solution with the EO4 safe guard mode. my unit is JVC GR-DVX78A. another thing is, the the tape does not eject from the case. thankyou for the help, i will appreciate it.


    Please provide information regardin a E02 Error Code for JVC camcorder GR-DVL500

    Comment 1, Last comment by DAVID Jul 15, 2010

    Hi I have JVC GR-DVL-300, and have not used it for 2 year, now notice "E04 in safeguard mode" when turn on the camcorder, then "Remove and Recharge Battery" message appears. The cmcorder could not record, play and unit is not function totally. Please advise. Rawson


    Hi I have a very nice DVL310 that doesn't power on. Can you please tell me what can be wrong???

    Comments 2, Last comment by Furqan Malik Jun 07, 2010

    I have a jvc dvc model num gr-dvf31u its reading e01 and the tape wont eject anymore it also wont record what can i do


    I have a message on my JVC DIGITAL CAMERA sayin "unit in safeguard mode" "eject and reinsert tape"


    I have a JVC camcorder model #GR-D7OU it keeps saying Please wait, condensation, operation paused. It can take days until it works again. It is not around any moisture, we live in a very low humid state. Can you help ?

    Comment 1, Last comment by Stephanie Mar 22, 2010

    i show the error message e04 and removed the battery and it doesnt work.

    Comments 3, Last comment by MISTY Mar 13, 2010
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