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Re: JVC service or questions

Al Posted Sep 09, 2007, in response to:Stacy Sample

JVC AV-27BP3 Shorted out Al - 9th Sep 2007 6:26 TV and Amp connected to External speaker shorted out TV. Hi, I just shorted out the TV by connecting an amplifier to a pair of external speakers whilst the TV was connected to the same set of speakers. I didn't know this set-up could result in blowing something in the TV until I took the TV out of the cabinet and lo and behold, there was a diagram there on the back stating that this config. would cause damage to the TV. I'm quite surprised the current from the amplifier can go back into the TV via the speaker wires. Do you have any experience with this particular problem, and if so, will it be worth my while getting it fixed? Altho this set is a 1993 model, the picture quality is still superb and it's got so many features like the PIP, external speaker option along with a host of other things. It'd be such a waste to have to throw it out. Perhaps a simple circuit board or a power supply will fix it? Any ideas? Thanks! Al.


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