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Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

Sadaf Posted Apr 25, 2008, in response to:anonymous

Hey if you are recieving an C:13:01 Error, try to format the Memory Card. Do this by connecting the camera to the computer, then when the computer asks "what do you want windows to do?" choose choosing "Open Folder to view files using Windows Explorer". Then right click one of the file and click "properties". Under general change the "attributes" to place a check mark on read only and nothing else. (I don't remember if it is for both files) Then switch the camera into "Set Up" mode and place the Memory Card in. *Notice the C:10:Error sign has not yet appered*, qucikly go under "memory stick tool" and click on the "format" button to format. Hope this works, as it did for me!


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