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Re[2]: Error Codes Assistance

John Williams Posted Oct 03, 2008, in response to:Jerald Goldman

ERROR CODE 02-403 relates to tape slack,the problem tends to be noticed when the user puts the betacam machine into forward or reverse function then this error occurs, and will be common on the left hand side with the creasing of tape around the pinch in ff rew mode.You will notice that the tape at first will not come out but press the eject key and leave the machine for a while then it should unthread and give you the tape back,if not you will have to remove the top hold cassette plate and remove the cassette assembly and also the tape with the cassette mech then reel the slack of tape up whilst in cassette mech,when you have done this on the right hand side you will see the loading motor assembly rotate the loading motor drive spindle until the loading ring moves back to the start position Remedy:The common fault for the error is the pinch roller, try moving it side to side it should move freely it is common for it to get jammed solid by it's own grease you will have to somtimes use pliers to get it off the spindle and in some cases the spindle comes away from the loading ring dont forget the spring and it's position, with the pinch removed clean it up through the locating hole and also the spindle if the spindle comes out of the ring use some super glue to fix it back in position before you put the pinch on it.Also another fault for this if the pinch moves free side to side is the pinch cap rotating round and not seating correctly at full load up mode the flat of the black plastic cap must be square on with the capstan motor spindle in loadup this somtimes turns from this position.


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