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Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

Rita Posted Nov 13, 2003, in response to:anonymous

I also have this error on my Sony Mavica CD300 camera that I paid a TON for! This camera has the mini-CD in it. It makes a horrible loud grinding noise and then the R/W icon flashes and the error number shows up and I have to shut the camera down. Does anyone know what causes this error? Thanks - Rita.


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    Re: Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

     carlo Posted Oct 18, 2004

    I had this problem, and since they wanted an awful amount of money to fix it, I decided to open it: I kept it open while swtiching on, and I realized that there was a problem with the lens of the CD reader, which was tryin to go "too far" in the camera body and that was where the noise was coming from. So I took a little screwdriver and "helped" the lens to find its place. And it worked! at least for the moment.

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    Re[2]: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

     hank Posted Nov 11, 2006

    I have a 4 year old Mavica MC-CD300 which has this problem with some regularity. Try the reset button on the bottom of the camera. Tilt your camera and look below the LCD Display Backlight button on the bottom edge of the curved portion of the camera. You will need a paperclip or tip of a ball point pen to push the recessed little button. Place the camera on a level surface and try again. We find that the camera is very sensitive to tilting, as it gets older. Eventually it will be necessary to send it in for the $211 repair. Good luck Hank

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    Por favor podrian decirme si el error C:13:01 se debe al lente del reproductor de cds o es el motor Que solucion podria darle



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