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Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

Billy Bob Posted Dec 04, 2003, in response to:anonymous

I have DSC F707, MEMORY STICK ERROR, C:13:01. I called the tech support (1-888-449-SONY, 24/7) After a few minutes chatting with a computer (yes, you catually talk to the computer) I finally got a live person who instructed me to turn ON the camera, press the MENU button and format my memory stick. Now, I know this is not how one would go about formatting a memory stick, but I nevertheless followed his directions. I turned the camera ON, and pressed the MENU button in the "Record Still Images" Mode (that's the one with a picture of a camera), and suddenly it started working. I don't know how, why, etc. but it started working, all my pictures were still on the momry stick unharmed. I post my "experience" due to the mysterious nature of the problem and not because I belive that pressing the MENU button will solve anything.


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