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Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

rene Posted Dec 18, 2003, in response to:anonymous

SOLLUTION: had the very same problem, error 13:01 on my sony dsc p50 after formating the stick in my pc. Sollution for all these things is to reformat the chip. YOU DONT NEED A SPECIAL PROGRAM. My camera unfortunately has no firmware with a format option, so i tried the Windows ones to let this thing run. And it worked after these MAGIC WORDS: format y: /FS:FAT /A:8192 the y: is the driveletter for the chip in your pc and the important word is /A:8192 -- means that the clustersize on the chip has to be 8kB. The standart format in windows is using 512b clusters on a chip with these sizes.


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    Re: Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

     AL Posted Jun 18, 2004

    thank you Rene .i had the same problem with my sony 128 Memory stick. i recovered my pics using mediarecover 2.5 then i formated the stick using ur method and it worked like magic.



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