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Sony PD170 vs Panasonic DVX100a

papi Posted Jan 24, 2004

help on comparing image quality between the two please

hey ppl im only new to this website and have just spent a little times searching through the posts to see if anyone had really rated the two cameras against each other??Im in the process of selling my xl1s because i took hom e apanasonic dvx 100 from work the otherday and was amazed at the quality of the picture. I have spent days on the net trying to get all the info on the two but i havent seen the dvx100a and cant get my hands on a PD170 for the weekend...wat to do?? Any comment on picture quality between the two? Which one is more superior? I produce a lot of skate films and do the occasional music vid...which one would be best for?? And why? If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!! Thankz alot Tristan


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    Panasonic is the best. Even DVX100 is better than PD170.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Allen Zagel Jan 22, 2006

    Panasonic dvx100 is reality better than sony


    The DVX100a camera is perfect for telling your story in cinematic terms. It's very similr to those cameras that George Lucas used on his two Star Wars movies. If you shoot on PD 170 It's more for a documentary or news or live look. The point is: whatever the story calls for I'm sure you'll find a way to do it. After all: The Celebration was shot on a one chip camera and had it colored corrected and it won for best foregin film from the Academy Awards. Chuck and Buck was shot on a GL1. Cheers.


    I own a PD150, a DSR 300 and an Aaton super 16 camera. I just bought a DVX100A. Before jumping on the DVX bandwagon, consider your actual working needs. The DVX is a great, and I mean great, video camera for controlled shooting in the 24p mode. The controls are straightforward and easy to use... But, my PD150 takes excellent video, is way better in the "AUTO" mode (which can be important shooting skating) and the fit and finish of Sony cameras in in a whole different leaque than Panasonic (I don't know what idiot in their art dept chose metalflake grey as a color for the 100A). Although the PD150 isn't as programmable, it takes terrific pictures out of the box. I have had documentaries broadcast nationally on PBS with 25% of the footage originating from that little camera. Why'd I buy a DVX? Because I shoot film, and want a video camera that gives me that "look" - or as close as possible - It's good, especially if you take time with it, but it still isn't film...

    Comments 3, Last comment by Mike Aug 29, 2004

    I'm planning to buy PD170, but before that i did like to know which is he best digital camera available for making movies. I'm looking for the best, please suggest


    One thing that is never discussed with the 4000 dollar wonders are the repairs. Having worked with the XL1's and PD150s in broadcast documentary work, you have to count on failure and repair with heavy use. Consider price ratio and availability of repairs to all your options. Esp if you're not in a major metro area. I've always considered the PD 150 a great wedding/events camera, that probably shouldn't be used for broadcast... but that's another issue about where the industry is and dollars to donuts.


    I am just about to move into the wedding video field and I have to choose between the two cameras. I don't understand all the technology but want to get good simple results.


    Re DVX100 v PD150/170. I've used both cameras, and broadly agree with Steve's comments. The DVX100 is capable of producing wonderful pictures. The main problem I've found with the DVX is the build quality. They're just not up to Sony standard. I've encountered 16-9 converters that don't fit snugly, viewfinders grossly off centre (with apparently no adjustment available), and the 100A reputedly has a problem resulting in sound being delayed in reaching the headphone socket - making monitoring a nightmare in one man operation. What I think we all want is a DVX100 built by Sony. Like Steve, I never cease to be amazed by the PD150 and 170's auto performance - something very useful in documentary filming. Final comment. If you decide on a DVX100, check it our very thoroughly before you leave the store. My experience is that at least half of them come with some defect.



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