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Cleaning my rear view projection television

anonymous Posted Jan 28, 2004

Cleaning the inside of my television.

I just received a sony rear view projection TV. Model: KP-46C36. I want the do's and don't to cleaning the "INSIDES" of my television. I noticed a huge amount of dust in there and the 3 seperate projectors inside are dirty to, how do I clean the lens??


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    Its easy, I have a Sony projection as well. Remove the speaker covers, they should just pull off. use a flathead screwdriver if needed, there should be 2-4 screws holding the screen suport, once removed lift up and pull out. I used a vaccum with a hose, and brush. You should clean the mirror, and projection lenses, with a soft clean cloth, and a non streak cleaner, while you have it apart for a brighter and clearer picture. Once done, line the screen suport with the frame and slide back into place, and reassemble the screws and speaker covers and your done. Hope this will help you.


    i just got a magnavox projection from a friend and it was sooooo dusty inside. he told me to take off the back with several screws and clean the lens, and O.M.G. what a difference!!! I just cleaned with window cleaner. i cleaned the lens and the back of the screen. wasn't till after he told me to use only water. was OK though, didn't seem to hurt any? i need to know what i can clean the mirror with...he says not to touch it, but it needs cleaned!!! also, dose anyone know if there is any kind of film or something on the screen fount. i have like streaks down the screen (before i touched it), i think he had wax drip down on the screen or there is a film that he scratched off some how. thanks and hope this helped some how?! viki


    I have the same problem with a rca. Did you get an answer?

    Comments 2, Last comment by LOWELL Feb 28, 2008

    I have a LG RT-56NZ23RB Rear Projection TV and just recently noticed some dust behind the screen shield thats sitting on the actual screen itself. How do I clean this?? I have been told its a sealed unit this part and that if they do open it to clean it more dust will appear. Is there any way to get this dust off from the outside? like a special cloth that you put up against the screen shield and it attracts the dust through the screen shield so you can slide the dust out of viewing?? Hope someone can help me out :)


    I have a Toshiba 53ax61 Cinama Series 53" Projection T.V. It is about 4 yrs. old and has been well taken care of,[ no abuse ]. It has developed a yellowish spot about 3" round in approx. the middle of the screen. I see it mostly when the screen is lihgt or white. I live in a 100 yr. house that is quite dusty at times. Could this be dust on the guns or mirrors ? If so is it a big issue to clean them, and what should I use to clean them with ? I thank you very much if you could help me with this problem. P.S. I've had the lower front off and could not see or get to anything.


    We bought a Mitsubishi 52" rear projection TV in December '04. Now, 2 months later, there are two dead spiders suspended between the screen and the outer glass, which directly impede the view of the television. Mitsubishi does not warranty the television against insect infestation, we are told. Has anybody run across this problem with other rear projection TV's? We do not have a problem with spiders in the house, only see one around occasionally, usually in the fall when the weather turns colder. Any way to get them out, and keep them out? Mike

    Comments 3, Last comment by JERRY Aug 01, 2007

    I have the same problem with a 1998 53" Sony. There are spider webs behind the screen. I'm afraid to even try to remove the screen (unless there is a basic way of doing it) and would appreciate any tips if you find out anything. Thanks.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Rob Feb 24, 2005


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