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Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

anonymous Posted Jan 29, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

I've got a JVC GR-DVL307 which powers up and then in about 2 or 3 seconds shows "E01 Unit in Safeguard Mode Remove and Replace Battery". In those few seconds, you can zoom in and out, and even after the E01 the video works fine. The VCR motor never spins and the gate won't power open, but there is no tape stuck inside. Any ideas?


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    Tell me this, how are you manually opening the gate? I would love to know. Mine does have a tape inside. Thanks for any help you can give, and God Bless You and Yours, Peter


    I am getting an E-04 message and it won't do anything. Please help if possible. Thank you gr-dvf 11

    Comments 2, Last comment by azemard Dec 23, 2008

    I have a JVC GR-DVF-31U that has been working fine. Now I am receiving an error code message of E01 and E02. Can you tell me what these messages mean. Also, I have tried taking the battery off for a few minutes then putting it back on. Same messages appear. Help!

    Comment 1, Last comment by willy Sep 20, 2008

    JVC repair assistance

     Stacy Sample Posted Jan 29, 2004

    If there is no tape in the unit and it is not accepting the tape in...I believe you need it looked at. If the mechanism (tape basket) is not engaging and you have reset the camcorder by removing & re-attaching the power source, then you have done all you can do in regards to troubleshooting. How old is your camcorder and where are you located?

    Comments 49, Last comment by Rafael Valdes Jun 12, 2008

    did you get any responce about the 01 error code on your JVC CAMCORDER??


    I have a JVC GR-DVL307 I get E03 Unit Safeguard Mode Remove and Replace Battery. It will eat up a tape if I put one in there....

    Comment 1, Last comment by Dennis Nov 29, 2005

    My JVC GR-D50Ek is also displaying error code E01 with a tape stuck in it. I am in Ghana (Afrika) and no JVC repair shop in Accra. How can I get the camera reset. Thanks

    Comment 1, Last comment by alex appiah Dec 21, 2004


     Ray Posted Dec 11, 2004

    I have a BR-D40U and a ky d 29 w I did not use the camera for about 2 weeks last week I start the br-d40u the camera starts but not the the BR-D40U the fuses are ok the camera is well aligned with the BR-D40U. your help is really appreciated thanks


    ich brauche hilfe ich habe ein JVC GR- DVL450 es zeigt immer ein bild E01 REMOVE AND REATTACH BATTERY UNIT INSAFEGUARD MODE und reagiert nichts mehr ich weiss nicht mehr was ich machen soll bitte helft mir



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