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Re: JVC service or questions

Anthea Posted Jun 18, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

Hi all, I finally got my camcorder to work again from safe guard mode (by hitting it on the side) but now when i pay back there is no sound anyone got any ideas??


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    I bought a JVC GRV-DM90 miniDV video cam a couple of years ago - quite expensive little gadget - and it went broke about 6 months after I bought is, repetitively displaying something like "Error 04 - Remove and replace the battery" everytime I'd try to record anything with it. I put it in a drawer since then... I found it back last week and tried again after charging batteries fully... There the error was again! A little browsing through the Internet brought up a class action lawsuit against JVC with litterally tons of users affected with the very same problem on different JVC models, including that one! Now, I am very tempted to join that C.A.L... Just wanted to let you know that, just in case you'd think about a better solution for me :-) Thanks (maybe)... -- Olivier.

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