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Re: JVC service or questions

Joe Posted Jul 06, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

Hello, I have a JVC GR-D30U and I get a EO1 message...safeguard mode. What do I do to fix it. Thanks


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    I see that you have the model d30u. did you have any problems on the screen when you turned it on saying " condensation, operation paused? could you please let me know either way.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Bob Dec 16, 2009

    JVC camcorders are known for having safeguard problems. mine was locked into safeguard the second time i tried to use it at 1 month old. i had it repaired and it came back eating the tapes. eating the tapes was blamed on old, or improper tapes. they were all brand new never used JVC tapes. it came back from service locked in safeguard mode. i got it back the fourth time and it worked for a few days, then went back into safeguard mode. the shop had it more than i did during the first year. when it locked the next time after the warranty was out, i was told the estimate for repairs was $300.00. unless you want to try to risk taking it apart, the only 2 options you have is to send it in for repairs which is not cheap, or throw it away and never buy anything from JVC again. i chose option 2.


    I am getting the same E01 code. It says "Unit is safeguard mode" "Remove and reattach battery" Did you ever figure out what was wrong?



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