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Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

chris Posted Jul 18, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

I have a JVC mini DV camera, model GR-DVR805U, and I have a problem. When I power on my camera, everything apears fine for 4-5 seconds, until the camera flips itself into "safeguard mode" where it tells me to remove and reattach battery, and when I do so, the problem persists. Then if I let it sit for a week or so and turn it on again, the safeguard mode message no longer pops up. Then after using the unit for anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours, the unit randomly goes into safeguard mode, and I can no longer use it for another week when I will only be able to use it for an unknown amount of time then. Sometimes when the unit IS working it will say headcleaning required before flipping into safeguard mode, and I run my head clenaing tape and as soon as I do it goes into safeguard mode. Also anytime it goes into safeguard mode it doens't recognize the time code on the tape, but it will still work in DSC mode to take pictures. I'm wondering what I need to do, if there is anything I can do, because the unit as a whole aside from that seems to be in working order. The viewfinder and LCD both show the images the camera is picking up when turned into recording mode, but all with the blue box that tells me it's in safeguard mode and I can't do anything. Lastly, on occasion, I will power the cameraon when I haven't touched it for days and it will tell me there's condensation in it, when it's been in a cool non-humid environment the entire time. So I don't know if I can somehow turn off this safeguard mode completely or what, but any help or reccommendations would be appreciated. -chris


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