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Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

peter dodd Posted Jul 18, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

The email below from chris on 17th Jul 2004 16:54 describes almost exactly my problems. I bought a GR-DVX9 in July 2001 for £750.00 in London - this was a bargain price then, although a lot of money! I took it on holiday and it started going "speckled" and eventually stopped and displayed "head cleaning required". At this time the camera had been used for about 4 hours. On return to London I took it back and after much argument the store gave me a replacement. It worked for a while until summer 2002 when it started showing "error E04" intermittently. Ther seemed to be no reason why it worked or showed the error message. Last year (2003), holiday again, it developed a "margin" where part of some previous footage remained as a still down one side and the ongoing footage was partly displayed on the other side. I also found the slim batteries supplied were by now completely dead and I had to buy a large replacement (still the unit had only been used about 20 hours in total). I haven't used the unit much since then but being about to go on holday again I tried to turn it on and the "safeguard mode/error E04" reappeared every time. Every time I try to perform any operations with the camera it just powers down, whether in camera or playback mode. I have now spent £800 and consider this very poor value for money. I am quite cynical about JVC's approach as I have seen other websites both American and English where class actions have been mentioned because the problem is so widespread. I have tried different tapes and different batteries, nothing works. I do not want to spend money on either a replacement or repair as I think the GRDVX range, which has incidentally been discontinued, has an inherent fault. Can you help? Peter


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