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Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

Kyle Mattoon Posted Jul 21, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

Stacy, I have just recently run into an issue with my GR-DVL210U. I was about to play back a home video only to get the E03 error. I unhooked the battery pack and waited about 15 min before putting back on. After doing so I ejected the tape and verified all was okay. The tape had been partially pulled from the case but I wound it back in. (This tape was the first real time that my 5+ month old had really laughed.) I put the tape back in and hit play only to see the same error again. Again I disconnected the battery. Changed the tape and still had issues only this time I hit play and it apparently plays but all my video is non-existant. The strange thing is that all my videos have been recorded in LP on Maxell tapes. I have had the unit for approx 8 months and this is the first time this issue has arisen. Ihave one other time had an issue with one of your products and my wife and I were extremely upset. It was a SVHS vcr that I had chosen based on the technology only to have it eat a tape for a set of three that ran $80. My wife and I are just about ready to give up on any and all JVC video equipment. I do have a 5.1 receiver and love it but it too has some issues ie overheating. Back to the issue at hand I am currnetly unable to view any of my home videos and the closest repair center is 3+ hours away. I have two family events in the near future. One is this weekend and the second is just over a month away. I hope to have some kind of resolution before then. Thanks in advance for your help. Kyle Mattoon phone 518-335-9330


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    I have a JVC GR-DX95us for 6 months, it damages 3 JVC tapes, it is now having E06 error message. I'm going to send it to JVC service Center, don't know how much they will charge me. SO, DO NOT BUY JVC! Take my suggestion!



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