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Re: Re: JVC error codes assistance

Doug Moir Posted Jul 21, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

Hi, I have JVC Digicam Model GR-D70 (Australia) that is just out of warranty and suddenly started showing E06 error code an going into safe mode, this seems to be a common fault on JVC digicams (either E04 or E06 errors). JVC's distributor in Australia has the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with, the rep I spoke to virtually called me an idiot and refused to disclose what the error codes are, they told me to take it to a service centre ..... great ..... $100.00 "Quote Fee" before it's even looked at, what a joke. I since found out on the net that E06 is tape motor not turning or stalled which would be correct as it seems to move around 1" of tape then jam up, any ideas to fix it would be greatly appreciated.


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    My experience is alot like Doug Moir's, but my JVC GRD70 problem is the "lens cap" error message but when the lens cap is off - and not long out of warranty. Bought mine in Feb 2004, from a Retravision store who pushed the JVC over other brands. Now that I read all the web reports, the 'bonus' JVC carry bag and tripod 'sweetener pack' makes more sense.... One wonders if the retailers knew of impending problems that needed them to move stocks before the word got too far out? I recently phoned a couple of camera stores and was told that it was a fairly common fault. I took my GRD70 to the local Hagemeyer authorised repairer in Marrickville, Australia. I mentioned to the lady behind the counter that I heard the 'lens cap error' was pretty common, but she offered no confirmation, other than her very quick comprehension and incessant "sign here". I got the impression they'd seen this many times before and I figured that they would probably know precisely how much it cost to fix. But, I get "I dunno" and the choice; agree to a) pay us $100 now for a quote or; b) authorise us to fully fix it and agree to pay whatever it costs (some rubbery figure up to $400). Not a great choice of options. She must have sensed my displeasure. As a parting softener she mentioned to fax my receipt and maybe they could do something with the warranty. However I wonderered wether that would be more about helping themselves out than helping me out. Another Australian consumer mentioned something about an extended warranty. Perhaps this holds some promise. Anybody know anything? Hats off to Jaun Carrerra and the class action brought on JVC in the U.S. however that will not help most JVC purchasers at the front line who can't wait to get their recorder repaired, not to mention those outside the US. Instead, I'd like to know how much people have been paying for 'quotes' and 'repairs' and more about what the solutions to the problems are; so that us poor fellows can shop around and feel like we are keeping the repairers honest.

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    Doug, I had the same issue with my JVC camera, took it to the service centre, paid the obscene quote fee and repair costs, only to have the same problem happen a week after getting it back. JVC has lost my vote. They're not getting anymore money from me.

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    Hi Doug I currently encountering the same EO6 error for a JVC GR-DVX4. I've just spent £200 getting the mode dial and DV out socket replaced, so would be keen to hear of a cheap remedy for above error. Did you have any luck sorting yours? Thanks, Andy.


    yea My one has the same problem Cornell (London UK) P.s. Did you find out any way to sort this problem out?



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