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Re: JVC service or questions

Larry R. Davis Posted Aug 03, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

have a model JVC GR-D70 movie camera which will not turn on. When the AC is plugged into the wall, no charge light. Won't power up. Battery appears to be good. What else could it be? Been used very little, and last time used it a while back, it worked, and now it is dead. Please advise. Thanks, Larry Davis (306)-262-9132


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    I have the exact same problem with my GR-DVM75. It was working fine and then it won't respond to any power. Won't turn on. The power supply is producing power and the battery has juice. I've also tried two batteries that worked before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Josh Bennett (719)683-6699

    Comments 2, Last comment by Mike Nov 15, 2009

    Had the same problem with my GRD 70 luckily in the 1st 12 months so got it repaired under warranty. They said that some sort of fuse had blown. Then about 2 weeks out of warranty, same thing happened except this time with an important tape in it. 140 bucks later it worked for about 4 hours use then an error message came up and locked up again. Sent it back but this time they said by the time they received it, it was working. Just plugged it into my PC now and a different error message has come up and it wont load a tape. I think I will throw it against a brick wall, cut my losses and never buy JVC again. $1200 for about 12 hours total use. I should have just hired a camera crew.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Adam Jansen Nov 25, 2008

    I have a GR DVL 520u The same thing has happened with mine I have the charger plugged in a new battery everything and it won't turn on no matter what! IF ANYBODY HAS ANSWERS PLEASE SHARE THEM!!!!


    the same thing happened to my JVC GR-DVL520U, I've bought a new battery, but still nothing...


    I have the same excact problem with my jvc gr-d70 camera. Was working fine, changed tape, then everything was dead. The battery's are all good but no charge light when plugged in. Camera won't come on....nothing


    Re: Re: JVC service or questions

     Rob Posted Nov 02, 2004

    I have this same problem. I paid 80 bucks to fix this thing, and it happened again! Frustrating.



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