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Re: SONY C:13:01 ERROR

Dantu Suguna Srinivas Posted Dec 17, 2004, in response to:anonymous

Hi guys, Don't ever do the mistake of buying sony products, they are very bad in after sales , they can't give you any good convencing answer & they do not want to take the matter to the top management or even to the quality dept... . The quality is absolutely bad. I have brought a sony camera P10 model & together with that I have also brought a 128MB memory stick.... & lately It started showing Memmory stick error C:13:01. when I approched sony service center for understanding the Problem & a possible replacement. i was turned down saying , that it is irreparable morethan that it doesn't carry any warranty. I am not bothered about this memory stick. what If I buy a 512 MB memory stick & the same problem appears again, they said it is upto my fate.... which is totally unacceptable. In the first place . it the responsibility... of sony to replace the faulty memory stick, if you say your products are the best, & if you have confidence that your products do not fail. your non acceptablility of the responsibility proves that you have know this problem & you do not want to address it, probably you may not even have fix for this. this is really a big shame that you cheat your customers so royally. I hope the top management of Sony will have a look in this matter & probably change your warranty policy. Your people also wants me to go Forum & do whatever I want But that do not want to take this matter to the top management of SONY. Hopefiully the top Management of sony will definitely look into this. This is specially for Sony Top Management... Now I have brought a Scan disk 521 MB Memory stick PRO Duo & the best part of this is it carries 5 years warrnty. this shows hoe sure they are about their products. My opinion is Sony should buy the memory card from Scan disk & sell them , atleast they are very confident, unlike sony they are absolute cheats , they do not want to address even the manufacturing defect.


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