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Re: JVC service or questions

Richard Posted Dec 30, 2004, in response to:Stacy Sample

Have a JVC AV36F702 (12-2001) and a JVC AV-36D201 (1-2001) Both have no pic The led flashes on the AV36F702 No Sound on the AV36D201 Checked the B+ Without H-Driver and Read 130+ Volts on both sets When loaded by the H-Driver the B+ drops to 90+ Volts. The flyback on both units get really hot fast. If I pull the Anode off the CRT and any auxillary Flyback lines the voltage goes up to about 110+ and I am now able to get a Neon bulb to glow when placed near the flyback. I have replaced the dual focus flyback on the AV36F702 with a spare parts but still no success. Everything is the same. Is there a problem with horizontal drive frequency/voltage (corrupt eprom???) or are the picture tubes shorting out the flyback and therefore damaging the flyback?? If there is an override to the eprom frequency to make the set powerup to get to a menu to check the eprom how would I do this and what kind of wave form should we see at the base of Horizontal driver and primary side of horiztonal base drive transformer??....Thank you for looking into this matter.


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    Re[2]: JVC service or questions

     CARL Posted Sep 20, 2005

    I do have the same symptoms (av36f702) flyback gets hot when turned on , no picture, no sound. hor. driver and output trans. look ok. I 'm just wondering if you have had some progress with the unit you are working on. thanks, carl

    Comment 1, Last comment by Richard Sep 21, 2005


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