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Re: Error Codes Assistance

Roger Anderson Posted Jan 04, 2005, in response to:Stacy Sample

Hi - I've got a Sony digital camera, DSC-W1 - When I try to load the Picture Package software, it almost goes, then I get sonyhcaudio98.inf - access is denied??


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    I got the same trouble. I have a HandyCam DCR-DVD203 and I reinstalled all Windows XP and then the Picture Package again and nothing worked out. The mysterious "Access is denied", blocking us from transfering via USB the pictures and films arose again. Sometimes I had some success getting one or two pictures and a filme, then it blocked again. I suspect that this distributed by Sony "Picture Package" software has a serious trouble and conflict with Windows XP, mainly the last upgrading the Microsoft sends automatically. I am stating this that before I reinstalled the whole windows XP I had installed this picture package software and had no problem. As this software is the only one I had to collect films and pictures the sony handycam became useless to me. Sorry to say that. It is a shame to Sony to have this unsolved conflict. Thanks to all that might have a proper solve to this, because as far as I know Sony hasn't any. Adonis

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