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Re[3]: JVC service or questions

Frank Posted Apr 19, 2005, in response to:dee dee

Please tell me what EO2 means on my jvc camcorder screen.It will not allow me to record it says that the camera is in safe mode to re-insert battery,i did that but it still does not work. Please tell me what to do Thanks.


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    hi, i was wondering if you got your camera working again after you had the E02 safe mode problem. mine is doing the same thing and it says to remove the battery and when i do it doesn't fix the problem. if you know how can you please email me and let me know what you did. thank you so much for your time. selena

    Comment 1, Last comment by jo Oct 04, 2007

    did you find a way to fix the problem ?


    Re[4]: JVC service or questions

     Phil Posted Apr 11, 2007

    Hey, I had the error as well EO2 ... I came here and figured it out... what I did was that I removed the battery but it wouldn't do anything once i put it back in... so instead of putting it back i hooked up my charger and then turned on the camera... opened the case for the DV tape to get out but it wouldnt work... i waited 20 seconds then the tape finally came out... put it back in ... and now it works!!!!


    I've also got the error code E02. I checked the instructions and it says absolutely NOT to remove the casette. It would damage the tape. Remove electric sources (battery etc.) and wait a few minutes. After the code had disapeared you can use your camera again. If you didn't solve the problem after 2 or 3 times ask your JVC dealer. We couldn't solve the problem and we went to our dealer yesterday. They wanted to send it back to the fabric, but that was very expensive. We hope there is another solution. Greetz Deborah.


    This is a defect, as far as I read anyway. When this error comes up eject the cassette, take it out, put it back in, and the error will be gone.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Deborah Jan 20, 2006

    i was wondering if you ever got your camera out of E02 safeguard mode---- its happening to mine---please email me if you can help-- thanks jon


    Our camcorder is doing the exact same thing. How did you fix yours?? Please help... our vacation tape is stuck in it.



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