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Re: MVC-FD87 C:32:01 Error Code Jean You Were Looking For Assistance?

Puzzled Posted Aug 26, 2005, in response to:Paul

My MVC-FD87 has been working like a charm for about 4 years. I have never used anything but floppies. I don't even have the little memory stick option that fits in the floppy. After taking a picture of our thermometer about to erupt out the top, I set the camera on the counter. Two days later I wanted to get a picture for the grauskinder and it was belly up. I got a "drive error" message with error code C:32:01 and the little disk icon showed the new diskette as being full. I turned it on and off, replaced the diskette, checked the battery, (That is: I took it out and looked at it, and using a few choice words put it back in the camera) I can't find my manual, but I did have the box the camera came in. It has an 888 phone number to call Sony. I fumed a couple of days and finally made the call. As I was on the phone with Sony I turned the camera on to read the error message, and the stinking thing worked like it was supposed to. No error, no error message, no disk full icon. I even took a picture to see if I was mis-reading the thing. The lady I was talking to at Sony told me that the C:32:01 message is supposed to tell me that the camera needs "resetting", (whatever that means). That I had apparently left it unattended for an extended period of time. When I sai, "two days", she asked about the lens cap. I got confused, so she said that I had apparently "reset" it at sometime during my frantic tries to get it to work. She said someting about the lens cap being a part of whatever is going on inside, and I think she also said the cap has something to do with "resetting" the camera. She wanted my email address for future product promos, but she refused to send me anything relating to the error code, what causes it, or the proper fix. Last night I finally got the pictures I wanted for the littlefolk and sent them off by email. So now I am waiting for the next time it happens, and I won't know any more then than I do now. Nice folks them Sony responders. As I said, I'm puzzled.


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