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Re: JVC service or questions

Enson Posted Sep 06, 2005, in response to:Stacy Sample

"Hello Everyone! I really hope someone can help me here... I just got my first videocam. It's a jvc gr-dvl520. I actually bought it coz im travelling to hongkong to do some researching. I am travelling alone so I cant have anyone help me do the shooting/recording. Now, I have troubles doing the self recording mode in my camcorder. The manual says, just turn the LCD monitor a hundred and eighty degrees and then start recording. Turning the monitor 180deg does not reciprocate what i see in the screen. So when i do the recording i see myself in the monitor upside down. Its kinda funny.. I wonder what the Chinese will think seeing me do the recording like this. So I am praying someone out there can help me solve this itsy bitsy problem." I've got the same above problem with my jvc gr-dvl820ea. Could you please help? Thanks a lot in advance Enson


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