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Re: JVC service or questions

Ann Dugan Posted Sep 15, 2005, in response to:Stacy Sample

Hi. I bought a JVC AV32FA54. This was for a summer home so even though the problem started from day 1, I didn't pay attention to it, thinking it was the cable company. Now the warranty is up and Ultimate Electronics (where I bought it) told me that I have to bring it in and they will send it away. My problem is that I live alone and could not plssibly lift it. Having recently moved to Scottsdale,AZ., I do not know of any repair service that can come to my home. Do you know of anyone? This is the problem....the sound gets fuzzy...then I change the channel and it's fine. After a period of time it gets distorted again, and I change the channel again and then return to the originally viewed channe......and the process goes on and on. HELP! Ann Dugan


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