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Re: JVC service or questions

MCadungug Posted Sep 17, 2005, in response to:Stacy Sample

JVC TV Model AV-27f703, I was watching tv without touching the remote and the menu came on automatically and started going down the screen to the other menu's I tried stopping by hitting the exit and menu button but nothing happened. I then turned off the TV and when I turned it back on I couldn't use the remote to do anything, I couldn't turn it off/on, change the channel, or even volume. I tried changing the channels manually but it would display the volume bar and when I would increase the volume it would not stay put, the volume would go down on its own. Not sure what kind of problem this is or even how it happened. Has this happened to anyone else? How would I go about repairing? Any idea on costs?


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    You are having a system control problem, usually caused by a defective switch (the "menu" switch would be the first choice), or corrosion or foreign material on the pc board. This "locks up" the micro as one of it's inputs is continually at a trigger voltage for that input. Ever spill anything into this set? A good visual inspection will often point to the problem area. Sometimes a cleaning with acetone or alcohol will "cure" this problem...not a sure thing.



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