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Re[9]: SONY KP46V15 has concaved sides and color distortion

gary ridenour Posted Sep 19, 2005, in response to:Tom

ok -- you can buy an HDTV with all that stuff onboard and ready to go. or buy just a monitor and add all that stuff. i would prefer to have it all built in and ready to go. all that extra stuff can add much more to the cost. one thing i forgot to tell you. when you buy ask sales who is gonna service it. very important. ideally there is an authorized servicer in your area. otherwise you have to box it back up and send it off to be fixed. and how long will that take??? ask the dealer about replacement policy. they may just give you a replacement on the spot..............G


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    Gary, thank you for that very important "extra" advice. I feel I'm much better informed now so as not to be lead to far astray by the salesmen. I've learned over the years that most salesmen don't really know their product well enough to truely answer the important questions. There are exceptions of course. Therefore I'm hoping you'll still be there for me after I've become confused by talking to several of them. Tom

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